Wednesday, March 06, 2013

We Want Peace!

An appeal from Pakistan
We want benevolence, we want love, we have to start showing that, by action. We have to love each other. We have to be benevolent to each other. We have to be benevolent to all. This violence and killing of human beings and animals is the sure sign that we don't want love, that we don't want compassion, that we don't want peace. It's the law of the universe, that if we kill or if we harm someone, we have to spend our spiritual merit with that creature. So how many animals we eat, we use all our spiritual bank account balance with those animals, and then we’re depleted, we get poorer and poorer, spiritually poorer. And if your spiritual merit balance is not enough, you end up paying with your health, your luck, and your's and your family members’ peace of mind. And then larger, we pay with peace in the world, we have to pay the price for having no peace. By killing animals to eat, we’re killing our planet. And then we all become murderers of some sort. So I want everyone to become heroes. Save the planet, stop killing and eating the animals...

Khalid Mahmood Qurashi.
1094/2 Husain Agahi , Multan-60000
+92 300 7368557


  1. It is surprising that some thoughts are germinating in Pakistan!

  2. Those,non-vegetarian by generations,may contribute significantly towards creating such awareness.