Saturday, July 11, 2015

Over 200,000 people support Canadian conservation officer who was suspended to save orphaned twin cubs

British Columbia cubs (picture courtesy:
Bryce Casavant is a conservation officer in British Columbia, Canada. He has been suspended without pay to show kindness towards two orphaned bear cubs, he won't kill.

The officials to order conservation officer Bryce Casavant to kill a black bear and her two eight-week-old cubs when the bear was caught stealing food from a freezer inside a mobile home on Hardy Bay Road in British Columbia twice.

Casavant followed the order to kill the adult black bear, but took the orphaned cubs to a veterinarian in lieu of killing them. Casavant act of kindness was considered as defiance by his superiors and according to a July 8, 2015 report from CBC, he was suspended without pay for not following orders. More than 297,707 people have already signed a petition for the reinstatement of the officer who wouldn't kill the bears.

You may click here to sign the petition to reinstate this kind officer.


  1. Its strange to hear that such people should be awarded rather they are being suspended. we all should appeal for this otherwise humanity will be totally lost from the world.

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