Saturday, September 22, 2012

India teaches vegetarianism to McDonald's

One of the most popular fast-food chains is learning new business lessons in India. The food is healthier, more delicious and pure vegetarian, at least it is planned to be in two new all-vegetarian restaurants, one in Amritsar (Punjab state) and the other one in Katra (Jammu & Kashmir state).

McDonald's is a world-famous fast food chain based in the USA where it does not run any all-vegetarian restaurant yet despite of growing number of vegetarians. McDonald's first vegetarian restaurants in two Indian cities of religious importance is a commendable effort which will help the chain increase it's popularity among an entirely new clientele.

It is believed that around 5% of US population is vegetarian. India, on the contrary, believes to be the home of the largest vegetarian society in the world. 40% of Indians are vegetarian. Indian civilization is considered to be the pioneer of the vegetarianism due to it's ancient tradition of non-violence.


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