Saturday, May 16, 2015

Vegetarianism : The foundation of peace and contentment

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Posted by : Niramay Niramish 
Translation by : shilpa mehta

The food in our diet effects our thought processes. If we wish to be pure of mind, word, and action, we should have a pure diet, i.e. vegetarian diet. It is said that every human has hidden animal behavior hiding in a remote corner of the mind. If we want to overcome that trait within ourselves, we must give up meat products.

We need to stop harming other living beings for satisfying our taste buds. Additionally we should constantly try to protect our fellow beings from coming to any kind of harm. For that we should stick to a diet which is not only nutritious and balanced, but also harmless to other beings. Vegetarian food decides the way of life for any person. It purifies the mind and strengthens the body. It has been observed that pure vegetarian food leads to the development of good thoughts, and growth of compassion, mercy and forgiveness. We should always remember the fact that we eat to live and not live to eat. Food is a means to live, not the purpose of life.

Biology says that human beings are part of the animal kingdom. It is our wisdom and feelings which separate us from other animals. Mercy is the driving force behind the wish not to hurt or harm other beings. If we try to think a little deeply, we can easily realize that just like us, other beings also have a natural right to live their life. If life is nature, then killing of life is an unnatural distortion. Our food effects our physical as well as spiritual health. If we are non-vegetarian, we are automatically responsible for the killing of our "prey" and this violent killing causes unrest, disturbance and agitation. On the other hand, vegetarian food does not require any such violent act. This is the reason vegetarian diet brings peace to the soul and peace to the world.

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